Official Pilot CL RP- Where everything you comment matters to the progression -

You decide to go make new friends in Cherryville, and you are at a park. There's a strange woman who is dressed in a trench coat, a Bob hair cut, tall and slim. She nears your way and says, "So you live out in the sticks?" You purse your lips, unable to notice her identity. Her voice was shrilled and rasp, her eyes covered by black shades, and her hair in a pony tail.

What do you respond?

1. “Is there a problem?“ You ask, heaving a long sigh from your lungs. You folded your arms, sighing even louder as you seemed to be disinterested in the woman's ordeals.

2. “Hi! Could I help you?” You ask—straightening your curled back. You smiled greatly, putting your hands in your pocket.

3. “Leave me alone, wouldn't you?“ You say, walking away slowly. Hands in your pocket, eyes squinted at the figure who did not move, in face seemed glued in the spot she was in.